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10 Best Engagement Locations in Hampton Roads Virginia and Richmond

Hampton Roads Engagement Photographer


Now that you have your engagement session planning guide and know the direction you want to take your engagement session, here are some of the best locations to consider from my perspective as a Hampton Roads Engagement Photographer! If you don’t have your free engagement session planning guide you can grab that by signing up here.

I have been all over Virginia and even Philadelphia, New York and Charleston for engagement sessions. Most of my couples are local to this side of VA or have traveled here for their engagement session. Of all these sessions I have gathered what I think to be the best of the best in this area and why they are the best.

Colonial Williamsburg

This is the number one place that I go to for engagement sessions. Williamsburg is very well kept with gorgeous landscaping, and lots of space for different backgrounds and texture. It is easy to find, park and fun to walk around. It can get crowded as it is very touristy, but the amount of nooks and crannies helps with that. There are bathrooms (yes this is something to consider for an engagement session) and even some nice indoor options like coffee shops and bookstores.

Freemason Neighborhood / Arts District of Norfolk / Waterside

I lumped all the great things about Norfolk into one. Mainly because you can walk from one to another easily! Each one is unique in their own way though, which provides more options for unique couples. Water and boats, colorful murals and industrial buildings, and then there are the Charleston-like homes and cobblestones. There is parking in each location with bathrooms for changing. It’s the heart of Hampton Roads which is perfect for the local couple.

Yorktown Battlefields

This is a popular option for the couple that loves the outdoors and every Coastal VA has to offer. The beach is a perfect picture of our water life with a gorgeous view of the Coleman Bridge. The sun sets and creates an icy blue out on the water with the gold sun hitting the tall grasses just right. The battlefields are amazing with tall, majestic trees. You can always spot deer grazing in the distance. I have even done a rainy session here and it turned out beautifully.

Cape Charles

I have only done one session here, and it is a bit out of the way for most people, but what a gem this little beach town is! The houses and businesses are colorful and historic while the beach is huge with duns and tall grasses. We had a good time with this session just looking around! For a Hampton Roads Engagement Photographer this area is worth traveling to!


For a quiet, gorgeous beach session this area is what I recommend. Take a look at Nick and Virginia’s session! If you have a boat, this is where we should go! They started their session at a little community garden across from their home and then we took the boat out to the beach. I would love to do this again!

Fort Monroe

Not many people in this area really take advantage of the gorgeous Fort Monroe. It is another area with so many location options. It has history, class, old oak trees and a beautiful beach that you often see aircraft carriers pass by. It’s never really crowded either!

Virginia Beach Oceanfront

This is classic Hampton Roads and for a Hampton Roads Engagement Photographer a must location to shoot at often! The boardwalk is a fun location for a local couple to show off their area. Chicks beach is not too far with much less people and the Lynnhaven Pier that is amazing at sunset! The higher streets (80th street and up) offer easy parking and less people with cute walkways to the beach.

A great alternative to the Oceanfront is East Beach Norfolk!

Chippokes Park

A hidden gem! It’s way off the beaten path but gorgeous. It’s perfect for the couple who loves the country and fields of soybeans, and in the right season, cotton! In mid-summer there is a row of Crate Myrtls that are in full pink blooms, and on the other side of the historic home are giant old Oaks. This old farm land dates back to 1619!

Belle Isle

In the heart of Richmond is amazing nature. One minute your in the city and the next you feel no where near the city walking along the rocks and water. It is a really fun place for photos! It can get full of people but they generally are in pockets and can be easily avoided. It’s a hike, but check out Lah-ahn and David’s engagement session because this girl did it in heels!

Maymont Park

I’m mostly a Hampton Roads Engagement Photographer, but I love traveling to Richmond when I can. Especially for Maymont Park! A classy, gorgeous place with gardens, historic stone homes and beautiful views. I would shoot here all the time if I could! Every season seems to work for this place. There is a fee to do a session here but it is completely worth every penny, I promise! My favorite is that gazebo, because the view is stunning.

Whatever location you decided for your engagement session, be sure that this time you have with your photographer is spent getting to know one another, and practicing for the wedding day. You can read my thoughts on that here. As a Hampton Roads Engagement Photographer, I want you to remembering why you have an engagement session will also be foundational to making this session last, and not be a fad used for social media. You want these pictures to tell just as much of a story as your wedding day!

Hampton Roads Engagement Photographer

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