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A photographer who knows what it takes to capture art

Hi there and welcome! I am a wedding photographer based out of Newport News Virginia. Hampton Roads is my home, and where my husband and I have built our lives. Ryan and I have two beautiful children and two lazy (but cute) pups. I have been capturing weddings for nearly a decade and is more of my passion now than ever before. The longer I am married the more I cherish that day we became a family. The wedding day is one of our greatest stories to tell.

The fine art wedding experience

for the romantic and classic bride and groom

your most cherished memories preserved in art

I studied oil painting in college, but always had a camera nearby. Once I started getting asked to photograph friend’s weddings, it was clear to me what my next steps were. This little business was something I could have never predicted would happen, but it has been my passion for over a decade now. My passion for art and my fine art education translates perfectly to capturing your wedding day.


This is my home

I grew up a Navy brat but landed here and have lived in 5 of the 7 cities in Hampton Roads. My husband and I have been together for over half our lives and we have two beautiful children and two lazy (but cute) pups. When I am not shooting weddings or Ryan and I are hanging with our kids, we love renovating our home or getting hooked on the latest Netflix series.



“Marriage had taught me that the greatest things in life require sacrificial love and hard work. It has taught me that love is something you build."

Dani White

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Dani's most cherished

10 years married, two kids, two dogs, two renovated houses, one adoption process, one sweet little business.

My marriage

My husband and I were High school sweethearts, we share a long story of growing up together and persevering in all life stages. We got married two weeks after I graduated from college because we couldn’t wait any longer. That was nearly 10 years ago! If I have learned one thing from marriage is that love is something you build and work for, and it is worth it all.

my kids

Ever heard the quote “ being a mom is like having your heart live outside of your body?” Yup it’s truth! Gracie is my spunky, redheaded kindergartener and Eli is my feisty, blond 2-year-old boy. They are both wildly extraverted and want to be outside with friends at all times. We hope to be adding to our crew through adoption soon!

My ARt

Art has alway been my passion. I chose wedding photography because I believe in the promise of the vow and the legacy of family. Photography, painting, home renovating: I cannot go long without creating something. It’s like an energy that builds up and if not released will explode! Check out some of my work from college .

Your Next Step

From the engagement to the wedding day your story will be fully told and kept forever. The online gallery will allow you to easily share and print your photos. You can even get the app on your phone! The signature leather album will be enjoyed for generation to come! Dani White Photography will give you the experience you have imagined for your biggest day!


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