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Category Archives: Personal

Bar Harbor Maine Anniversary Adventure

Celebrating 10 years We always planned for our 10 year anniversary to be a trip to Europe but that’s the thing about marriage and life. It doesn’t always go as planned. We decided that this was going to be the year we get our adoption paperwork in and get the process rolling. But we also...

Goals for 2019

Virginia Wedding Photographer:  goals for 2019 Reflection I cannot reflect on the past year and plan for the coming year in December. December is supposed to be a time to meditate on the coming of Jesus as a baby, a time for advent, but let’s be real, it in the past December has been a...

Big Family Announcement!

We have some BIG news to share! As you can see from the picture, we are currently in the adoption process! This has been a BIG dream of ours and a long journey for Ryan and I’s entire relationship! We felt called to do this a long time ago and this is the time the...

Marco Polo

  So this is just my personality. I am a Campaigner ENFP-A so I sing the praises of the things I love. I have learned to tone it down a bit because I have been told I can be intense, but it sometimes just has to come out. I LOVE MARCO POLO (the app). I...

Virginia Bride Magazine Feature

Finally. That is all I have to say about this. Brandon and Emily’s Beautiful Amber Grove wedding was published in Virginia Bridal Magazine summer/fall issue 2017! Brandon and Emily were married 2.5 years ago (holy toledo I can’t believe that) and I remember giving the publisher this about 2 years ago. We waited so long...

Happy Birthday Eli

Little man is two today! Of course that went by so fast for me. And I am obsessed with him and his every hilarious thing he does. His first word was Dada but his second was Snack. He is happiest when he is eating chips right out of the bag. He is completely fearless and...

Gracie’s 5th Birthday

Turning 5 has never been so fun! Gracie (obvi) has a thing for Elsa. Like, obsessed. And I was originally planning a “princess” themed birthday, but she refused anything pink and wanted blue and it just kind of turned into an Elsa party. I always wanted to make number 5 pretty big. I got the...

Santa Rosa Beach FL Vacation

  This vacation already feels like it was a lifetime ago! As soon as I got home I hit the ground running with weddings, family sessions, and new bride and groom meeting for next year! All amazing things, but I am glad to be sitting and reliving this wonderful week. My family is pretty familiar...

How I Started Reading DAILY

When I was a kid I never ever read unless I was forced to. There are only a few books I remember having fun reading in high school, but before those few books I hated reading. I always felt behind or a little dumb for not being a reader and I honestly don’t know why...

The Cheerio Fight

No marriage is perfect or easy. In fact, anything good in my life hasn’t come easy. It has taken work and sacrifice. Believe me when I say that my marriage isn’t easy! And so far I have shared a lot about how wonderful my marriage is which is true, but we are just as screwed...

Charleston Trip

We’ve been planning this weekend for months and it was much needed rest. We are all moms and are so thankful for the gift of our children, but sometimes we just needed to not be needed for the sake of our mental health and it was great that we got to do it all together!!...

Turning 30

I remember when one of my dearest friends was about to turn 30. I asked her how she felt about it (because I know how she reacted when she turned 25, and she was kind of not happy about it), and she had a great perspective. She was ready to say “goodbye” to her 20’s....

Hello & Welcome

Hi I'm Dani, A wedding and newborn photographer for Hampton Roads area and Virginia. I'm a southern gal, home DIYer, dog lover, busy mom of 2 and a Magnolia Market Junkie. Take some time, sip some coffee and enjoy the lastest weddings and session here!


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