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Cold Wedding Days

Winter Wedding day The mill at fine creek

Cold Wedding Days can be difficult! Generally January and February is off season for the wedding industry. But even if you plan your November wedding or your March wedding, it could potential be in the 30s! Virginia is unpredictable and you really never know! If you read my blog post about hot wedding days you will see that there is just no planning with Virginia and it’s weather, and I have seen it all! So what are you to do when it’s your wedding day and the high is 32°? 

Winter Wedding day The mill at fine creek

What to Expect

Cold Wedding Days are a little easier to deal with than the hot ones, but they can still be a pain for you and your guests. It can come with some unexpected issues and if you’re a gal or guy that hates to be cold then it can really be an issue!

On the coldest days some girls can really struggle to move in it. Standing still as a bridesmaid or even the bride, the chill can sink in and cause pain, reddening skin and

Here are my top 10 best tips for planning a cozy wedding day when it’s freezing outside!

  • Just relax! This might sound funny but I think you’ll be surprised at how warm wedding dresses are. They may be sleeveless but there’s also four layers of it!  Plus much of the day you will be hugging, getting close to your hubby, and dancing! 
  • Cold wedding days are a good excuse to buy a very nice coat! I have seen the long white petticoat or because he for Chelle borrowed from grandmother. Either way it adds a very cozy feel to portraits! 
  • Offer your guests hot chocolate if you’re having an outdoor ceremony. It’s a cheap and easy way to make your guests feel cozy and warm on the inside! 
  • If you’re having a tent wedding on a cold wedding day ask them about heaters! I’ve actually been to some very warm tent weddings in the middle of the winter.
  • Don’t put heat directly on your skin where your skin is showing for portraits. it can cause it to have a red mark and look funny in pictures! If you want to keep warm with heating pads put them in your pockets or somewhere in the dress where it can’t be seen. And the good news for your room is that for many of the portraits his hands can be in his pockets! 
  • If you were skin tends to get red on the nose and cheeks from the cold wind make sure you were able to take breaks often in a warm room. And I also know that the red you get on your skin naturally from the cold will not show up as strongly in pictures as you might think. It doesn’t leave a mark quite like a heating pad would!

Cold Wedding Days do not have to be miserable! They can be the most beautiful and cozy day. Embrace them as they are a bit part of your story!

Inspiring cold weather sessions!

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Cold wedding day

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