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Disney Dream Cruise Wedding (Part 1)



Finally! This first part of the Disney Dream Cruise Wedding is now here! And it might not be what you’re thinking, but don’t worry, the main event comes tomorrow. So stay tuned!

Lauren and Thomas actually got married before we left port in Florida, mainly because it keeps things legal and final, so there was a little private ceremony to start the adventure. It was a very sweet moment, with just the parents to cheer them on, and a precious celebration was followed at dinner with the rest of the gang at the fancy Italian restaurant called Palo and was at the top bow of the ship. It was also the first moments of really feeling the boat rock while trying to down some amazing pasta, which didn’t sit well with a few folks, understandably. Buuuttt the views! Amazing.

The next day we were in the Bahamas! January brings some colder temps and wind, so playing in the pool wasn’t the most fun, so we spent some time taking pictures on the boat! The wind and long hair seemed to be a challenge, OR we decided to accept that challenge and let the wind work for us. It brought out Lauren and Thomas’ spunkier side, perfect way to warm up for what was to come the next day!

Ryan and I spent some time walking around Nassau, and we got a little lost! At the end of the day I had gone 22,000 steps, broke 2 records for myself on my Apple Watch. I also doubled my daily calories. So, not so much of a restful day, and we made up those lost calories with some ice cream ever 30 minutes.

If you are thinking of doing a Disney Cruise here was my take on it… Disney has thought of everything, and it might be the best vacation for families with little kids. They have a room designated for every age group with activities constantly happening. The highschool age room had a homecoming party the last night, and they even had an event right before to decorate for it, so the activity are super clever. We did not have our kids, so I didn’t pay too much attention, but if they had come their little minds would have been blown away. Disney movies played all day on the big screen while the kids played in the heated pool. The raft tube ride when all around the boat and even over the water! Did I mention ice cream all the time? I think I ate shrimp for every meal.

If you can afford this, it is worth it! We had an amazing time even without the kids, but I will never do something like this again without them.



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