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How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

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How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

YOU HAVE THE RING ON YOUR FINGER!!! It is still sinking in finally. You got engaged over the Holidays, while spending quality time with friends and family. Everyone was so excited and you lived in the moment with them. Well, now it’s one week into January and time to start planning. 

Let The Planning Begin!

There are some easy parts to wedding planning and then there are the not so easy parts. One of the first bookings you make (and the more expensive ones) is your photographer. With so many styles and packages, I can imagine this is an overwhelming task. Here are some quick questions to ask yourselves as a couple to lead you to the right person:

4 Questions to help you find your wedding photographer!

  1. What is our style? What style most represents your relationship? When you are scrolling through instagram or Pinterest, what wedding photography style has stopped you in your tracks and made you swoon? Find the trend in your likes, boards, pins to see if there is one style that rises above the rest. Now, one quick warning about that. Overly trendy photography vs. more traditional or “real life” photography can be another tough question to ask yourselves. You might LOVE a current trend, but will you HATE it five years from now? I think that is a very important question to answer. If you are really, truly drawn to a very trendy photography style it might be okay. You might not like it later but it tells a story about the time in which you got married. But just tread lightly and be absolutely sure that is what you want. 
  2. What is your actual budget for photography? Generally photography should be 10% of the wedding budget. So if your wedding is 30k, you should hire a wedding photographer with a $3,000 package. The higher your budget, the better quality photographer you will get. YES it is that simple. Think about it, a professional photographer with years of experience, gorgeous, consistent work and rave reviews is not going to be “cheap.” You can stick to the 10% rule, or you can prioritize. What IS most important to you? If photography is what’s most important than give it 20% or more and take out or save on what is not important to you. If it is not, then ask the over-budget photographer you love for recommendations for someone who IS within your price range. We are not offended by this! We know not everyone can afford our services and we want to help you find someone you can afford and will love! Photographers are connected and we love networking and helping each other out. If you nicely ask, with information like date and budget, we would love to help you! 
  3. Do you like this person? Once you have met with a few photographers, you should probably also ask yourself this question: Do you even like being around this person? Why is it important? Because you are going to be around this person ALLLLLL DAY on your wedding day. They will be there when you get your dress on, when you see your fiancé for the first time, when you are nervous and waiting to walk down the aisle! If they are annoying or awkward you probably should not have them around you. You will have emotions on your big day and that is something that good wedding photographers know to be careful and sensitive with. This is a big day for you and we want you to feel everything! We want to create that space or capture that moment for you because it is so important. 
  4. What are others saying about them? DON’T FORGET TO CHECK THE REVIEWS!!! You can find them on Google, the Knot, Wedding Wire and on their website. What is consistently said? Past brides are going to give you the best advise! Is what they are saying about their photographer important to you too? Maybe there is something you didn’t realize you needed! 

We Live To Serve!

Good vendors want the absolute best for you both on your wedding day. We strive to serve and create in a way you will never forget. Wedding vendors have this special blend of serving our couples and creating our best using God given talents. We love being asked questions and we are not offended if it doesn’t work out with us. When you are searching, be kind and know that we want to help and we can make this easy for you! So don’t be overwhelmed, this should be fun!

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