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William and Mary Senior Session


I had the absolute pleasure to document this exciting time for three graduating seniors at The College of William and Mary. I will though, start this off saying that I use to babysit that pretty blonde one in the coral dress wayyyyyy back in the day, and seeing her as a graduating senior is soooo strange because I am not that old.


Saying goodbye to the place you have lived for 4 years is hard to do. It helps that these girls have exciting futures ahead, two are starting their masters programs at VCU and one has a great job at a hospital in Northern Virginia, but the emotions are still there and the love these girls have for each other is sooo sweet to see. I personally loved college and came out with wonderful friends that I cherish to this day as well, so I can completely relate. I have said it before in other blog posts for high school seniors (who don’t understand yet what is ahead of them), but I can still say it with these girls as well, college is such a great time in life, and so unique because you have the freedom to explore who you want to be. They were so young going into college, and they are so much older and more confident going into the world.

One thing that I did learn during this session was about Champagne. Apparently if you shake it hard enough it will pop on it’s own. Let me explain… They wanted a cool shot of them celebrating with popping the champagne bottle for one of the last pictures, and you can see some of those at the end. We did one shot and they had not shaken it up enough, so we put the tops back on and tried again. One of the ladies shook it a little too hard and in my direction. All I really remember is feeling a rush of cold and then taking a good 10 seconds to realize that I had been completely showered in champagne. I mean, it was dripping from my shirt, down my legs, and soaked my hair. So for the future, aim away and shake hard!


Congrats ladies!


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